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Case 1:-

The Client had a contract with a major Automation contractor for spares management and support services. The Clients supply chain management required that these costs were removed or reduced to an optimum level without risking the business


What did we do?


Looking into the spares holdings, we identified that the parts both on and offshore were never owned by the client, and that the client was paying an “availability” cost which was 25% of the parts cost annually.  Simply, the client paid the equivalent every four years the cost of all the parts, but never actually owned them.

The client asked the contractor to supply a single one off purchase fee to buy the parts outright, this cost came in at around £500,000.

ACS Engineering LTD got involved to review the parts holdings, and through our efforts we reduced the cost by £280,000 without involving risks to the installations by removing parts

  Case 2:-  

A Normally Unmanned installation had a project for a new office / Accommodation module underway.  As part of the safety case, DCS/Safety System Operators Console was required in the Safe Refuge for emergency response purposes.  This had been over looked by the Engineering Contractor, which would result in a 10 week delay and an additional £20,000 onto the cost of the project.


ACS Engineering looked into the problem and resolved it in 4 days by installing an alternative system, in doing so £18,000 was saved and the delay was removed.


Case 3:-


An Operator handed control of an Engineering Workpack to a Power Generation supplier to manage a system upgrade, ACS Engineering LTD checked the workpack and Identified a number of serious flaws in the pack ranging from Non-ATEX supplied equipment, Wiring errors, incorrect functionality and material construction for sour gas service. The intervention resulted in the rectification work before going offshore, where the downtime of the Turbines would have been excessive while the problems were waiting to be resolved.

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