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With over 25 Years of experience worldwide in the Instrumentation, Automation and Control Systems industry, We have seen projects where there is an element of “are we doing the right thing”?”


What may seem a good idea, may be actually a waste of time and resources.  In the Oil Industry, with a move to Control Systems that are PC based, there is the tendency to open up the control network to the company IT dept.   It’s a great idea to get data onshore, but simple things like who will use it and for what purpose often gets overlooked and the system gets over engineered.  The “Real-Time” data promised, actually turns out to be averages for a minute and 4 minutes behind the process systems offshore….. is that the system you need to make operation judgements?


Challenging ideas can often uncover issues, In one case, the contracted data management company made a decision based on a comparison of products, One report was from 2006, the other from 2001,  This was used to justify putting in a complete new system and having the bias with the system that company wanted as opposed to commercial sense.  What was also Highlighted was the fact there already was a system in place, so all that happened in this case was the wheel was re-invented!  Had the company engaged an independent audit of the proposal, Millions of pounds could have been saved!

Any CAPEX expenditure from your organisation, must have a return. If there is no return….why do it?   We can help by evaluating the proposal, list the pros and cons and in some cases offer a complete alternative!

Working with your Process Engineers, We can look at process problems and develop a resolution based on the findings. Platform designed 20 years ago, were based on a 10 year lifespan.  Where technology allow more oil to be recovered, your plant instrumentation etc may not be specified correctly for things like higher water cuts etc.


We can also look at your maintenance of not just control and Instrumentation, but things like EX inspections. We can look at your backlogs and determine what’s needed and what’s not.

We work with a number of Automation, process control, Instrumentation and other support companies, this enables a second to none service for your needs.
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